Wanted: Your Ideas for Rural Economic Partnerships

The Rural Communities Partnership Initiative, announced last month by Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz, announced is looking for your suggestions to help answer this question: How can DNR use its considerable land assets and expertise with communities around the state to create new economic opportunities, especially in communities that reply on the natural resources industry.

“The land feeds us in so many ways and we need to nurture it so that it will continue to provide for us far into the future,” Franz says. “We will bring innovation and partnership to get the most value out of those public lands for our communities’ quality of life, even as we sustain these landscapes. This approach replaces the outmoded paradigm of ‘economy OR environment’ with ‘economy AND environment.’”

Franz issued a standing invitation to communities around the state to partner with DNR on potential development projects that can stimulate local economies in sustainable, clean ways. From innovative farming methods to forest restoration to recreation to clean energy, no prospective project is too small for consideration. Suggestions and inquiries for those interested in the program can be made at dnr.wa.gov/rcpi.

We hope you will take a few minutes to offer your suggestions.