Summer Field Season – Save the Dates

Message from Tami Miketa, Manager of the Small Forest Landowner Office

It looks like this summer will be full of exceptional educational opportunities designed to help you manage your forestland.

Forester Field Days — Each summer, DNR, WSU Extension, and other agency partners host educational field days for forest landowners. Typically, we hold at least two Saturday field days each year, one east and one west of the Cascades. These field days offer a hands-on, “out in the woods” experience for the whole family. Participants can attend outdoor seminars on dozens of topics including forest health, thinning, and pruning; riparian management; wildlife habitat, special forest products, and wildfire protection.

These field days provide educational opportunities for participants of all ages and skill levels, regardless of property size. In addition to offering an excellent introduction to forest stewardship, field days provide advanced learning opportunities and refreshers for more experienced landowners, as well updates on the latest forest research and developments.

This year’s Forester Field Days are being held on the following Saturdays:

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning Courses – Coached Planning is the flagship of the WSU Extension Forest Stewardship Program. The short courses are designed to help forest landowners develop customized management solutions to meet their individual ownership objectives. Participants will identify their property ownership goals and develop a comprehensive forest stewardship plan. A stewardship plan may qualify landowners for cost-share assistance for plan implementation, as well as recognition as a Stewardship Forest, and a reduction in current-use property-tax rates. Forest Stewardship Coached Planning is a collaborative educational program offered by WSU Extension in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and other federal, state, and local natural resource agencies. The classes typically include one evening class per week for six to nine weeks.

Dates and locations for 2015 are as follows:

  • Preston – Tuesday evenings starting September 22
  • Langley – Thursday evenings starting October 8.

This year, we’ve added a new Coached Planning Class designed to help landowners complete their forest stewardship plan during the course period. The course will focus on some of the common management challenges landowners face including access issues, improving the health and resiliency of your forest, enhancing and/or creation of wildlife habitat, and learning about non-timber forest products for personal or commercial use.

  • Chehalis – Wednesday April 22 through May 20, 6 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. One Saturday field trip is also scheduled during the course. For registration information contact:

Forest Stewardship University

Forest Stewardship University is a suite of online classes available from WSU Extension on a variety of topics, including tree and plant identification, silviculture, forest health, managing noxious weeds, and understanding forest taxes and regulations. These online classes are available on demand at