Simplified Road Maintenance and Abandonment Plan Goals

Boyd Norton, NW Washington Landowner Assistance Forester 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2001, the Forest Practices Board required all forest landowners to document the location and condition of all forest roads on their property. Landowners were also required to submit a “Road Maintenance and Abandonment Plan” (RMAP) that specified how and when landowners would correct deficiencies associated with the Forest Practice Rules for water quality and fish passage. Submitted plans were also required to address monitoring and maintenance of road condition.

In 2003, the legislature recognized that the RMAP requirements could be causing unforeseen, unintended and disproportionate financial hardship for small forest landowners. To minimize these impacts, a simplified process was implemented that:

  • Eliminated the requirement for small forest landowners to submit written road maintenance and abandonment plans, along with the reporting requirement for progress on road upgrades.
  • Allowed small forest landowners the option to correct fish barriers on their own or enroll in the state funded barrier removal program (Family Forest Fish Passage Program).
  • Exempted landowners who own a total of 80 acres or less of forest land in Washington from submitting a checklist RMAP for individual parcels of 20 acres or less.

So how do you know if your roads meet the small forest landowner requirements?

For assistance or to participate in the statewide RMAP assessment, please contact Boyd Norton at:, 360-854-2839 (office), 360-742-6825 (cell).