Upcoming WSU Workshops

WSU ExtensionTies to the Land – Succession Planning for Landowners: This award-winning curriculum was developed by estate planning experts at Oregon State University Extension and the Austin Family Business Program. The workshop is focused on maintaining family ties to the land from generation to generation, building awareness of key challenges facing family businesses, and motivating families to address those challenges.  Dates for December are Saturday December 7 in Tonasket and Saturday December 14 in Ellensburg.

Forest Owners Winter School:  Come in out of the snow for a day with other forest land owners and choose from over 20 classes. Subjects range from forest health, wildlife, and silviculture to hands-on chainsaw safety and maintenance. Loggers will get up to 6.0 CEUs.

  • February 1, 2014, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm at the Community College Center, Colville, WA.

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning: Our flagship class will teach you how to assess your trees, avoid insect and disease problems, attract wildlife, and develop your own Forest Stewardship Plan to keep your forest on track to provide enjoyment and income for years to come.

WSU and the Oregon State University extension services have also posted several new publications:
Natural Insecticides: This Pacific Northwest Extension publication addresses common misconceptions associated with products labeled “natural” and “organic”, and describes related insecticides intended for home gardening. Categories include biological, botanical, fermented, horticultural oil, mineral, and soap. Readers will learn which types of natural insecticides are most effective for specific pests, how the products work, and application restrictions.

Identifying and Managing Mountain Beaver Damage to Forest Resources: The mountain beaver is a medium-sized rodent of the western Pacific Northwest. Mountain beavers cause damage to forest regeneration by clipping or girdling seedlings or saplings or both, and undermining roots. In this publication, the Oregon State University Extension Service describes methods to control mountain beaver, including trapping, toxicants, exclusion, repellents, and habitat modification. It offers a combination of methods used in an integrated management strategy.

Forest Soil Data for Your Forest Stewardship Plan: This manual is a step-by-step guide through the process of getting soil information from the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Web Soil Survey (WSS).