Western Hardwood International Convention & Exposition

by: Jim Freed, WSU Extension Forester

whcThe Washington Hardwoods Commission (WHC) was established in 1991, by the legislature, to promote the general welfare of the state through hardwood related industries.

The WHC works with researchers to develop programs to improve hardwood management and health. Their main focus is on red alder with additional focus on bigleaf maple, cottonwood, birch, aspen, Oregon ash, Oregon white oak, and bitter cherry.

The commission also conducts research and educational programs with the hardwood industry in Washington State. The main priorities for these programs are to improve the marketing opportunities for Washington’s hardwoods. The commission organizes educational programs in cooperation with Washington State University for forest landowners wishing to grow hardwoods as part of their forest management plan.

The WHC annual meeting will be in conjunction with the Western Hardwood Association International Convention and Exposition in Portland, Oregon, April 30 to May 2. The WHC annual meeting will be held on May 1. This will be a great opportunity to learn about what research and marketing programs are being conducted by the commission. The International convention and annual meeting are open to forest landowners and companies working in the hardwood industry in Washington State.

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