Regional Tree Farm Awards

Photo: Washington Tree Farm Program

Donna and Bryon Loucks of Centralia were named the 2011 Washington Tree Farmers of the year and were recently honored as the 2012 Western Regional Tree Farmer of the Year. The Loucks reside on one of 3 parcels that make up their B&D Tree Farm, which is an outstanding example of a well-managed tree farm. Their primary objective is to provide timber harvest income in their retirement, but equally important is the ability to do this while receiving the enjoyment that comes from owning and working on the land, and seeing and enhancing wildlife habitat.

Doug Stinson of Toledo, the 2011 Washington Tree Farm Inspector of the Year, was recently honored as the Western Region 2012 Inspector of the Year (American Tree Farm System). He also currently serves as the Inspector Training Coordinator for the Washington Tree Farm Program. Doug has been a major participant in the forestry field on many fronts for a long time. His Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm was first certified in 1981 and became the Lewis County Tree Farmer of the Year in 1992, followed by the Washington Tree Farmer of the Year in 1994, and then the Western Region Tree Farmer of the Year in 1994. Doug has served on the American Tree Farm System National Operating Committee for ten years and has been an inspector for about twenty years. He has also served as the State Chair of Washington Tree Farm Program for five years.

Bryon and Donna Loucks and Doug Stinson are moving on to the national competition at the American Tree Farm System convention in Jacksonville, Florida.