Family Forest Fish Passage Program

Do you have roads with stream crossings on your forestland?

Many miles of stream are inaccessible to fish because  of barrier culverts. Our goal is to help restore declining salmon and trout populations by replacing barriers with new structures that allow fish to migrate into the upstream habitat. Since 2003 nearly 200 small forest landowners have taken advantage of the Family Forest Fish Passage Program,  replacing 222 barriers and opening over 470 miles of stream for salmon and trout. Here’s what small forest landowners have said about the program:
“I am absolutely tickled with the quality of the project. When the road was put in 50 years ago we had no idea the impact it would have on the generations of salmon. We are very thankful to have fish returning and a new bridge to access our tree farm.”  – Herb and Delores Welch
“It’s a win win, the landowner gets a great structure that they never could afford otherwise, and the fish get a better stream.”  – Holly Koon and Max Duncan
“All parties involved in this project were excellent to work with. We have a quality bridge that will last forever.” – Ron Roberts