Update from the Small Forest Landowner Office

The Small Forest Landowner Office at DNR would like to introduce two new staff members, Tami Miketa and Michelle   Peterschick.

Tami Miketa is the new Program Manager of the Small Forest Landowner Office (SFLO) here at DNR. She has worked for the Department of Natural Resources for almost 20 years. Tami is eager to provide support to the small forest landowner community through the conservation easement programs, the Family Fish Passage Program, the alternate plan templates, and the SFLO forest stewardship program.


 Michelle   Peterschick is the new Education and Outreach Specialist of the SFLO and a recent graduate from Washington State University. Her degree is in Economics and Business Management with an emphasis on finance and marketing.  She is excited to join our team and is committed to ensuring that vital information reaches all small forest landowners.


Tami and Michelle are dedicated to improving communications with small forest landowners by reinitiating the Small Forest Landowner News, regularly publish announcements regarding upcoming events, updating the website, and pursuing more effective methods of communication.